Despite the fact that interior pieces with a raw and organic look and feel are popular in the design world, there is still a desire for a touch of glamour. Our Organoglam wallcovering collection perfectly marries these two décor styles. The traditional and classic finishes and top quality of the products are given a contemporary twist with the use of metallic shades and interesting visual effects. Designs with angular patterns as well as free-flowing motifs in colourations of subtle metals and natural plains are distinctive of this superb wallpaper range.

*Please note our wallpaper colours may vary slightly, before ordering your wallpaper online we suggest you check the actual colours at one of our showrooms.
Arborium - Autumn
Arborium - Winter
Chrome stripe - Silver
Chrome stripe - White Gold
DNA - Ash
Dream catcher - Golden
Dream catcher - Moonshine
Extravaganza - Black pearl
Extravaganza - Old gold
Extravaganza - Pearl
Extravaganza - Rose gold
Extravaganza - White gold
Featherlite - Spring
Featherlite - Valcano
Fendi - Ash
Fendi - Ice white
Fendi - Mineral
Fossilized - Spruce
Genepool - Gold
Gentry - Ocean depth
Gentry - Pearl
Haman - Silver
Identity - Aqua
Identity -
Marble - Aqua
Marble - Stone
Metal scraping - Mineral
Metal scraping - Platinum
Mystical - Metallica
Mystical -
White gold
Mysticism - Acid green
Mysticism - Ocean depth
Mysticism - Pearl
Osmium - Silver
Osmium - White gold
Plutonium -
Plutonium - Moonshine
Spiro jiro - Silver grey
Triangulation - Fog
Triangulation - Lino
Triangulation - Old gold
Triangulation -
Washed - Aqua
Washed - Lime