‘Handpicked by our expert buying team, each rug in our vast portfolio serves to enhance comfort and style in the home. From sisal to viscose, patterned to plains, this collection includes something for every floor.’



Antiquated rugs
Antiquity rugs
Atlas rugs
Aztec rugs
Basket rugs
Botany rugs
Boulders rugs
Canvas rugs
Celestial rugs
Chateau rugs
Checkmate rugs
Coco Jute rugs
Criss Cross rugs
Crystal rugs
Cyclone rugs
Delicious rugs

Diagonal rugs

Diversity rugs

Duchess rugs
Faded grandeur rugs

Figo rugs

Flourish rugs

Foliage rugs

Galaxy rugs
Glistening rugs

Gracious rugs

Grunge rugs

Hamilton rugs
Heirloom rugs
Historic over dyed rugs

In the open rugs

Interlink rugs

Jutebox rugs

Kitchen runners rugs

Legacy rugs

Lucent rugs

Majorca rugs

Mason rugs

Master overdyed rugs

Mesta rugs

Mind Games rugs

Nostalgia rugs

Orca Overdyed rugs
Ornate rugs
Palace rugs

Paradiso rugs

Parlour to Patio rugs
Patio Play rugs
Pergola rugs
Phantom rugs

Plantation rugs
Plush rugs
Rosewood rugs
Sands of time rugs
Savanna rugs
Segment Seagrass
Serrated rugs

Sherpa rugs
Smoulder rugs
Step outside rugs

Still Life rugs

Tangier and Temara rugs
Time Out rugs
Timeworn rugs
Trazo rugs

Tulip rugs
Turkish Delights rugs
Withered rugs