Pressed Plants Scatters

The rare prints used in our new, 100% linen, locally produced, Pressed Plants scatter cushion collection were originally created by Austrian botanist Constantin von Ettinghausen. The process used, called nature printing, involves an etched or engraved plate made by pressing actual plant specimens through rollers and embedding their imprints onto lead plates, By applying ink to the plates, copies were made for his book. Inspired by the diversity of artworks and narratives surrounding South Africa's botanical history, the team at Evolution turned von Ettinghausen's original visuals into our new Pressed Plants scatter cushion collection.

*Please note the colours on our imagery may vary from the actual product. Before ordering products from our website, we suggest you check the actual colours at one of our showrooms.*


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Elliptical - Lime
Sequoia - Shade
Moorland - Rust
Plantago - Evergreen
Savanna - Shade