Bangla Glassware

Produced in Spain from recycled glass, this artisanal range is handmade and mouth-blown.

*Please note the colours on our imagery may vary from the actual product. Before ordering products from our website, we suggest you check the actual colours at one of our showrooms.*


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Bangla Pitcher - Clear
Bangla Pitcher - Granite
Bangla Pitcher - Sage
Bangla Pitcher - Teal
Bangla Vase Large - Clear
Bangla Vase Large - Granite
Bangla Vase Large - Sage
Bangla Vase Large - Teal
Bangla Vase Medium - Clear
Bangla Vase Medium - Granite
Bangla Vase Medium - Sage
Bangla Vase Medium - Teal
Bangla Vase Small - Clear
Bangla Vase Small - Granite
Bangla Vase Small - Sage
Bangla Vase Small - Teal