A mixture of patterns, colours and weaves, the Veneto fabric collection is as varied as it is luxe. The fabrics in the collection pay homage to the opulence of the baroque era but in a more contemporary style and colour palette. Timeless weaves of damask and candy stripes are juxtaposed by maze-like designs and honeycomb weaves.

*Please note our fabric colours may vary slightly, before ordering your fabric online we suggest you check the actual colours at one of our showrooms.
Belluno - Aqu hazea
Belluno - Dijon
Belluno - Forest
Belluno - Ink
Belluno - Noir
Borghese - Dijon
Borghese - Ink
Borghese - Natura
Borghese - Noir
Borghese - Oceanic
Brilliance - Aqua
Brilliance - Charcoal
Brilliance - Navy
Brilliance - Teal
Noalin - Aqua haze
Noalin - Des
Noalin - Dijon
Noalin - Pepsalt
Nona - Aqua
Nona - Cinder
Nona - Deep sea
Polygon - Aqua
Polygon - Cinder
Polygon - Navy
Polygon - Noir
Rovigo - Aqua
Rovigo - Dijon
Rovigo - Ink
Rovigo - Natura
Rovigo - Noir
Vincenza - Dijon
Vincenza - Ink
Vincenza - Natura
Vincenza - Noir
Viva - Haze
Viva - Navy
Viva - Pepsalt
Viva - Shadow
Viva - Wheat