Metallic minerals

Comprised of light-weight sheer and solid fabrics, Metallic Minerals offers an array of curtaining styles and options. The compendium of designs range from textured plains, leaf patterns, vertical lines and curved motifs.

The fabrics are available in shades of grey, muted silver, stone, and khaki with accents of charcoal, duck egg and lime green. Sourced from one of the biggest mills in the world and supplying all the top editeurs, these stylish window treatments are of the highest specifications.

*Please note our fabric colours may vary slightly, before ordering your fabric online we suggest you check the actual colours at one of our showrooms.
Chicago - Foil
Chicago - Silver
Fame - Ether
Fame - Gold
Favour - Autumn
Favour - Pristine
Favour - Vapour
Fortune - Platinum
Freedom - Mineral
Jupiter - Foil
Linlin - Arctic
Linlin - Lino
Niagra falls - Platinum
Primetime - Evenshade
Wilderness - Foolsgold