Like linen

A compilation of linens, linen mixes and lookalikes, mainly neutrals, with some old Hertex favourites, which remain extremely popular, as well as numerous new textures, finishes and shades. All qualities offered are tried and tested. This collection is firmly Hertex.

*Please note our fabric colours may vary slightly, before ordering your fabric online we suggest you check the actual colours at one of our showrooms.
Ballroom - Linen
Ballroom - Optic white
Bistro linen - Absinthe
Bistro linen - Graphite
Brushed - Almond
Brushed - Cashew

Brushed - Dove

Brushed - Hazel
Brushed - Ice
Brushed - School grey
Brushed - Tofu
Chunky linen E - Ash

Chunky linen E - Bone
Chunky linen E -
Chunky linen E - Gravel
Chunky linen E - Sand
Chunky linen E - Shale
Chunky linen E - Sky

Country cork - Linen

Dinner party - Linen

Dinner party - Optic white
Laurie -
Lazy linen -
Lazy linen - Pepper

Lazy linen - Praline

Leon - Cloud

Leon - Linen
Leon - Nimbus
Leon - Soil
Mirjam - Blanco

Mirjam -
Mirjam - Dove
Mirjam - Ghost grey
Mirjam - Nougat

Mirjam - Paloma
Mirjam - Tofu

Nive - Sky

Regafino - Arctic
Veld - Linen
Victor - Maize