Key West

Venture inside with a vibrant upholstery collection that will ignite imagery of hot, marshy areas in Florida Keys. The Key West collection harmoniously showcases a selection of floral jacquards, woven geometrics and oversized tweeds alongside Moray velvet plains to create a warm, welcoming interior experience.

*Please note our fabric colours may vary slightly, before ordering your fabric online we suggest you check the actual colours at one of our showrooms.
Bahia - Spice
Everglades - Autumn
Everglades - Nightfall
Everglades - Tropical
Freeport - After Dark
Freeport - Brick
Freeport - Charcoal
Freeport - Dove
Freeport - Oceana
Freeport - Petrol
Freeport - Sunset
Laudervale - Metal
Laudervale - Oceana
Laudervale - Spice
Laudervale - Wood
Moray - Asparagus
Moray - Birch
Moray - Bone
Moray - Cement
Moray - Indigo
Moray - Rust
Moray - Silver
Moray - Toffee
Palm Springs - Oceana
Palm Springs - Rustic