In hiding

With the demand for faux furs and leathers on an all time high we’ve responded with our In Hiding collection; a range of plain faux hides. The line perfectly complements the colour and textures found in our additional collections for 2016.

Thanks to state of the art technology our In Hiding range boasts the look and feel of real leather at half the price. Expect suede and leather-look fabrics in earthy and dramatic colour palettes that are easier to care for than traditional leather.

*Please note our fabric colours may vary slightly, before ordering your fabric online we suggest you check the actual colours at one of our showrooms.
Butch - Biker
Butch - Croc
Butch - Otter
Butch - Ranger
Butch - Shammi
Cassidy - Fox
Cassidy - Mud
Cassidy - Sahara
Cassidy - Volcano
Coach - Blackboard
Coach - Bracken
Coach - Mellow
Coach - Nomadic
Coach - Potters clay
Doc holiday - Beetle
Doc holiday - Namib
Doc holiday - Polar
Doc holiday - Shark
Grand prix - Bark
Grand prix - Candy apple
Grand prix - Dune
Grand prix - Elephant
Grand prix - Galaxy
Grand prix - Marine

Grand prix - Onyx
Grand prix - Peyote
Grand prix - Pumice

Grand prix - Tomato
Levant - Crema
Levant - Mink

Levant - Olive
Levant - Onyx
Levant - Stonehenge
Ned Kelly - Aloe
Ned Kelly - Amarula
Ned Kelly - Fudge
Ned Kelly - Meadow
Ned Kelly - Meteor
Ned Kelly - Pacific
Rockford - Tan
Sundance - Charcoal
Sundance - Desert