Hierdie land van my

Sometimes talent is right under your nose. When Coba Herrmann, wife of Hertex owner Peter Herrmann, sketched a delicately exquisite protea, it sparked a thought: Why not create a truly South African range with a difference?

Hertex commissioned well-known South African author-poet Riana Scheepers to celebrate our country in a poem (words below). The result is "Hierdie land van my", a collection conceptualised and produced in South Africa, showcasing our famous protea and accompanied by the words of a nostalgic Afrikaans poem as well as a beach stripe.

There is a faded, vintage feel to the designs, which are offered in a soft grey, sky blue as well as the traditional protea colours, teamed with a pillar box red supporting cast.

After 20 years of working in ceramic sculpturing (and winning the first prize in an Absa sculpturing competition), Coba Herrmann started sketching botanical gardens two years ago.

"I'm inspired by slines, the natural shapes of clouds, mountains, dunes and other curves, and the anatomy of people and animals," says Coba. "For this range, I drew my inspiration from our indigenous plants and flowers, especially the bright colours and geometrical forms of plants such as the aloe and strelitzia."

As an artist, Coba believes South Africans are now, more than ever, aware of their specific style. "It is good to see that we celebrate what is unique to us."

Riana Scheepers says she is easily inspired – by people, by events, "but above all by this amazing, beautiful country under the stars".

"I am inspired by the diversity of nature, people and culture in one country. Nowhere else in the world do you find such variety in landscapes, so many people, so many cultures. We need to nurture and appreciate that. We'll never be bored – it is a source of inspiration for any artist."

In writing "Hierdie land van my" she allowed her heart to run away with her. "This is how I feel about my country," she says. "When working with the fabric, I would like people to be reminded of the absolute beauty of our country, the variety of the landscapes, the fauna and flora."

All designs have a heavy linen/cotton base cloth and we have added elegant and textured plains to the collection for easy co-ordination.

Hierdie land van my

Land van Suidersterre en son
is my hartklop, my asem, my bloed

Dit is die stof wat ek opskop
die afdruk van my spoor

Dit is 'n berg met 'n duiwelse piek
'n disa bloedrooi in sy kloof

Dit is 'n see so groot soos genade
'n dolfyn se sprong in die sproei

Dit is Namakwaland in lentetyd
woestynblomme dansend in die wind

Dit is 'n Kalahariduin teen skemeraand
gemsbokspiese teen die lug

Dit is 'n steenboklam in die ruigte
sy lyf 'n rietjie wat tril

Dit is 'n jagluiperd se soepel swenk
glimmende koperkole in sy oë

Dit is Moordenaarskaroo en Soetveld
Botterkloof, Tankwa en die Hantam

Dit is land en lug en Melkweg
kareehoutstompe in die vuur

Hierdie land van my
land van Suidersterre en son
is my bloed, my liefde, my lewe

Riana Scheepers

*Please note our fabric colours may vary slightly, before ordering your fabric online we suggest you check the actual colours at one of our showrooms.
Gedig - Sproei
Protea - Lente
Veld - Linen