Forty Winks

Get in more than your forty winks with this self-lined curtaining collection. Featuring 6 different designs in a versatile, neutral colour palette and including more colours of the popular Charm design. Four brand new items are incorporated with newgeneration acrylic backing that allows for better washability. All fabrics in this Stonehaus brand collection are wide width.

*Please note our fabric colours may vary slightly, before ordering your fabric online we suggest you check the actual colours at one of our showrooms.
Charm - Cosmos
Charm - Graphite
Charm - Natural
Charm - Platinum
Charm - Silverlining
Dreamland - Bubble
Dreamland - Dove
Dreamland - Dusty
Dreamland - Lino
Dreamland - Mist
Dreamland - Natural
Dreamland - Vanilla
Sandman - Platinum
Sandman - Silver
Trance - Mineral
Trance - Steel
Trance - Vanilla
Zizz - Earth
Zizz - Mist