Find yourself spoilt for choice when paging through this enchanting collection of semisolid and sheer curtaining fabrics. Delicate floral jacquard burnouts, triple pocket weaves, fil coupe geometrics, and a hint of metallic yarn in the artisanal and crushed plains makes this collection both glamorous and exciting.

*Please note our fabric colours may vary slightly, before ordering your fabric online we suggest you check the actual colours at one of our showrooms.
Allure - Champagne
Allure - Cobblestone
Allure - Drizzle
Allure - Wind Chime
Bedazzle - Cobblestone
Bedazzle - Drizzle

Bedazzle - Wind Chime
Bewilder - Champagne
Bewilder - Cobblestone
Bewilder - Drizzle
Entice - Champagne
Entice - Wind Chime

Magnetize - Champagne
Magnetize - Cobblestone
Magnetize - Drizzle
Magnetize - Rose Dust
Magnetize - Wind Chime
Ravishing - Champagne
Ravishing - Overcast
Ravishing - Rose Dust
Ravishing - Wind Chime
Sorcery - Champagne
Sorcery - Cobblestone
Sorcery - Wind Chime
Winsome - Birch
Winsome - Champagne
Winsome - Lily
Winsome - Wind Chime
Wish - Cobblestone
Wish - Dew

Wish - Drizzle
Wish - Mist
Wizardry - Champagne
Wizardry - Drizzle
Wizardry - Wind Chime